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Doing a Wholesale Deal – Tyrone Taylor

Speaker: Tyrone Taylor | Runtime: 00:37:28
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Before joining the world of real estate investing, Tyrone Taylor tried all things to make money, including selling used cars. Today, the “Flip Man” is considered an expert when it comes to flipping and wholesaling properties. Tyrone Taylor made a name for himself by successfully putting houses under contract for as little as $10 deposit. Aside from doing real estate deals, he keeps himself busy by providing mentoring service and free information for those who want to make money flipping houses.

Tyrone “the Flip Man” Taylor walks you through the entire process of wholesaling properties in this video. Citing himself as example, Tyrone Taylor will teach you why there are lots of big money-making opportunities in real estate investing. Discover the secret to negotiating with motivated home sellers and find out the magic words that will persuade homeowners to sell their properties. Watch this video now and learn the various ways to market the deal that you are negotiating.
Tags: Tyrone Taylor,Flip Man,Wholesaling,Flipping,Real Estate Investing,Motivated Home Sellers,Buyers,Financing,Negotiation,Junkers

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