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Motivated Sellers 1 - Alex Pardo, Eric Bodiwala

Author: Alex Pardo | Runtime: 00:57:09 | Views: 646

For expert wholesalers Alex Pardo and Eric Bodiwala, the real action when flipping houses starts with finding motivated sellers – the very blood of this form of real estate investing. This two-part video will show you scores of amazing ways to find motivated sellers – so you can make extra low offers and extra high profits. In this video, Eric Bodiwala will discuss more than a dozen tried and tested lead generation techniques that he uses in his own business. Included in Motivated Sellers 1 are discussions on using bandit signs, birddogs, classified ads, yellow letters, and postcards. Apart from the detailed explanation of each method, you’ll also get to see examples of good postcards and advertisements. Watch it now and boost your marketing tactics.

Tags: Alex Pardo,Eric Bodiwala,Wholesaling,Short Sales,Marketing,Lead Generation,Financing,Real Estate Investing,Florida

REI Business Foundations by Joseph Irons

Author: Joseph Irons | Runtime: 52:48 | Views: 372

If you’re going to start a real estate investing business, you better watch this video by Joseph Irons. CEO of Rock Real Estate Investments, Joseph Irons will tell you what questions that you need to ask yourself before engaging in real estate. He will also stress the importance of a personal and business mission statement and how optimism actually affects a business. Learn why mindset is the foundation of a solid business and what the difference is between interest and commitment. Also, Joseph Irons will reveal some marketing secrets that will help you get both seller and buyer leads. Discover what the “reduction to the ridiculous” formula is and watch as he demonstrates a successful subject-to deal. Listen too as he contacts a lead via phone.


Tags: joseph irons,marketing,subject-to,wholesaling,business foundations

Bank Book Creation - Chris Clothier

Author: Chris Clothier | Runtime: 17:19 | Views: 346

In this video, self-made entrepreneur Chris Clothier shares the No. 1 secret that allowed his family business to have access to millions of dollars of credit. From what it contains to the type of binder he personally uses, he’ll bare it all in this video. A top executive at, Chris Clothier will tell you how your proposal can go to the top of the mounds of binders that pile on top of the tables of bank officials. Chris Clothier, whose company manages rental properties among other real estate ventures, also explains the importance of making a mission statement for your business. Get tips on how to look professional and well-rounded in the eyes of banks. But aren’t banks and credit unions tightening up? Chris Clothier says you might be knocking at the wrong door. Want to know how to avoid red tape and learn industry secrets so you can get financing for your real estate investing business fast? Watch this video now.

Tags: chris clothier,financing,rental properties,banks,bank book,traditional lending,real estate investing,rental properties,credit,memphis,line of credit,mission statement

4 Huge REI Mistakes to Avoid - Scott Nachatilo

Author: Scott Nachatilo | Runtime: 02:45:35 | Views: 373

Oklahoma City real estate investor Scott Nachatilo exposes four huge REI mistakes that prevent real estate investors from becoming rich in this video. Joined by mentoring partner Robert Elder, Scott discusses how you can succeed in buying and holding real estate. He will tell you how you can build a portfolio of free and clear rental properties that yield positive and passive income. Scott Nachatilo, owner of Integrity Home Buyers, will also divulge the keys to borrowing money from banks to ensure you have financing for every deal you find. He and Robert will also talk about using other people’s money in debt reduction, real estate appreciation, and the equity multiplier effect. You’ve heard about motivated sellers, but what about unmotivated sellers? Finally, get more insight on bank owned homes how they’ll help you amass a fortune. Watch this video now and learn all of this now.

Tags: buying and holding real estate,rehabbing,buy and hold,rentals,robert elder,millionaire,mentor,scott nachatilo,real estate investing,wholesaling houses

Millionaire Landlord Interview - Scott Nachatilo

Author: Scott Nachatilo | Runtime: 00:24:52 | Views: 190

Watch and be inspired as Oklahoma real estate investor and mentor Scott Nachatilo interviews a millionaire landlord. Listen to the story of Robert Elder, who grew his portfolio of rental properties from one multi-family home to over 260 houses to date. Scott Nachatilo also asks Robert Edler about using bank financing and how to approach banks as an investor and not as a home buyer. Take notes as Edler shares some of the mistakes he did when starting in the business and how he manages the headaches of being a landlord. By the way, this landlord also does wholesale deals. Finally, he’ll tell you what kind of attitude you need to have to become a millionaire through buying and holding real estate.

Tags: scott nachatilo,real estate investing,wholesaling houses,buying and holding real estate,rehabbing,buy and hold,rentals,robert elder,millionaire,mentor

5 Vital Fix and Flip Tips - Vernon Vaughan

Author: Vernon Vaughan | Runtime: 00:29:19 | Views: 308

Get 5 vital fix and flip tips from Maryland real estate investor Vernon Vaughan. For rehabbers who are confused with choosing bath tubs, this video is for you. Listen he Vernon tells you how you your property leave as lasting impression to prospective buyers through the bathroom. He also shares a tip to secure rehabbing materials at a discounted price. Having trouble with contractors? Avoid getting over-billed with this help presentation. Vernon Vaughan also touches on staging homes, demolition, and finding general laborers online in this short but sweet video.

Tags: Real Estate Investing,Wholesaling,Rehabbing,Baltimore,Real Estate Investing,Wholesaling Houses,Vernon Vaughan,Maryland,Washington d.c.,Virginia,Wholesaling Houses,Real Estate Investor

Short Sales Process Overview - Lee Brown

Author: Lee Brown | Runtime: 01:09:01 | Views: 224

Want to get an overview of the short sales process and why it is actually a cycle? Get it straight from short sales master Lee Brown. This Mansfield, Ohio-born real estate investor starts with explaining why the foreclosure rate in the country is high and why this is an opportunity for those who want to try short sales. He proceeds with some insights on government programs HAMP and HAFA and discloses why banks are very motivated to agree to a short sale negotiation. Lee Brown will also teach you where to find short sale deals in your area – whether you operate in a judicial or in a power-of-sale state. Apart from marketing, you’ll also know get golden nuggets about handling calls from prospect sellers and building rapport with loss mitigators. In this presentation, Lee Brown also shows how you can partner with seasoned investors in your area to do a short sale. Finally, be inspired by some videos on “home run deals” at the end.

Tags: Lee Brown,Short Sale,Short Sales,Real Estate Investing,Mentor,Speaker,Wholesaling Houses,Loss Mitigation,Lease Options,Private Lending

Killer Negotiating Tactics - Kenneth Gills

Author: Kenneth Gills | Runtime: 00:57:58 | Views: 465

Baltimore real estate investor Kenneth Gills III will teach you what the actual key to effective negotiation is. Learn how you can talk your way to wealth by getting more “yes” responses from your prospect clients. Using his actual wholesaling experiences as examples, Kenneth Gills will show you how to determine the real value of the property by listening to the seller. What negotiating lesson do you have to learn from girl scouts selling cookies? How do you make the other party think that you’re an expert? Is establishing eye contact always healthy when negotiating? Who’s the better negotiator, men or women? Don’t watch this video right now and regret not knowing the answers to these questions for life.

Tags: Mentor,Kenneth Gills,Kenneth Gills Iii,Real Estate Investing,Negotiating,Wholesaling,Rehabbing,Reos,Marketing,Single Family Homes,Baltimore,Maryland,Speaker

Free Craigslist Buyers List - Josh Schoenly

Author: Josh Schoenly | Runtime: 00:45:07 | Views: 854

Want to build a huge buyers list for free? Do it through Craigslist with the help of Pennsylvania real estate investor and agent Josh Schoenly. This mentor will teach you how to use his Craigslist Marketing Matrix, a system that allowed him to collect thousands and thousands of leads through the free posting site. This step-by-step tutorial is done in detail, starting from account creation to tracking of your marketing. Listen as he reveals how he went from hours a day to just minutes a day posting effective ads in Craigslist. Familiar with ghosting, flagging, image posting? What is the best time to post ads in this site? What are the top three mistakes that real estate investors commit when using this free posting site to build a buyers list? Josh Schoenly reveals all this and more in this video. Watch it now.

Tags: Josh Cantwell,Josh Schoenly,Buyers list,Craigslist,Wholesaling,Rehabbing,Rental properties,Pennsylvania,Real Estate Investing,Agent,Mentor

Loan Modifications Basics – Drew Canole

Author: Drew Canole | Runtime: 01:33:00 | Views: 262

Learn the ABC’s of loan modifications in this presentation by Drew Canole, a national expert on credit repair. Listen as he differentiates it from debt settlement and forbearance. Drew Canole will also tell you why litigation is better than negotiation in this field. You will also learn who are qualified for loan mods. What is forensic audit? How do you establish credibility in a market that thinks loan mods are a scam? This video will answer those questions for you. As a bonus, he’ll also show you how his own company works, including how he gets high quality leads. Along the way, you’ll also get some inspiring stories about his friends like Preston Ely and Than Merrill who started as ordinary people but are now very successful real estate investors. So you want to learn about loan modifications? Watch this video now.

Tags: Than Merrill,Preston Ely,Real Estate Investing,Loan Modification,Loan Modification,Real Estate Investors,Real Estate Investing,Drew Canole,loan mods,credit repair,forensic audit,quality leads
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